Things I do every day/week

This part of my life has changed a bit since I semi-retired in 2015, though I continue to teach at Eastern Nazarene College. My life is less “ordered” in the “have to’s” of life, but there remain dominating tasks and duties that keep my life somewhat ordered.

1  Time alone with Bible reading and prayer, following the Church Year pattern of Bible readings.

2  Gym workout. I have moved more to weight lifting than cardio because of the needs of my age. It’s all about muscle mass and power in this phase of life.

3  I end up devoting a some part of any given day to political activities. I am quite involved in the 40 Days for Life movement, an international pro-life movement. Twice a year 40 Days holds prayer vigils outside of Planned Parenthood centers, during the Fall and then again during Lent. This is a significant commitment of times when the campaigns are on and I have to travel in and out of Boston.

4  I teach college two evenings per week with Philosophy as my main course. I also teach Ethics, History, Bible, Christian Traditions, and Epoch Making Events in Science. Have been at Eastern Nazarene College for 25 years.

5  There are the usual duties of home upkeep, which I have become slower at as I age into my 70s. Takes a bit more time, but I keep at it.

6  I serve our church, Grace Church of Stoughton, MA as a greeter and parking lot help. We are in a Life Group, though for the time being we are having to take a break from another night out.

7  I watch very little TV and focus mostly on reading and listening to key podcasts in the evening.



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