Things I do every day/week

Let’s start simple, like bathing. But beyond that there are some other things I try to fit in each day:

1. Daily time with God and reading through the Bible in a year.

2. Rehearsal of the Principle or Step of the day out of Celebrate Recovery.

3. Text messaging my sons.

4. Check Feedly for blog updates.

5. Most every day I update music and podcasts on iTunes. I use the Apples iTunes Match so I have all my music with me all the time.

6. Blog.

7. Pray the Divine Hours guided by Phyllis Tickle’s book of the same name.

8. Listen to Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac which is published everyday.

Each week:

1. I go to church – I get paid to do it.

2. I listen to This American Life, Prairie Home Companion, NPR’s Books for Sunday, On Point with Tom Ashbrook and as many editions of Fresh Air as I can.

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