My biggest sin

I keep changing my mind. As I get older, my view of what is important and what isn’t changes. But no matter what, my failure to love is at the root of most everything I regret. Self-absorption is a curse. I needed to handle this earlier. But what can you tell young men full of themselves?

I remember a quote often: “If only you could love enough, you would be the most powerful person in the world.”

Love is power. At moments when I am taken up into the love of Christ and feel that I do love Him with all my soul, heart, mind and strength, there seems to be nothing that frightens me, no sin of others against me too big to be forgiven, no sacrifice Christ asks that is too much, no circumstance ruinous to my peace, no person a stranger to me. Is this not a power? And the loss of love is a power failure of a most miserable kind.