Driscoll Enablers Run for the Exits Off the Driscoll Bus, Praying for Driscoll the Whole Way – Can We Say The Gospel Coalition?

Most of us are beyond the Driscoll stuff. Nothing new here. Knew it was coming. It was just about when. A lot of people knew this.

Who didn’t seem to know it were his mega-star enablers. Janet Medford reflects on this a bit. I have read other similar posts. See Driscoll Drama: To Those Who Sold Tickets. We are waiting for a word from those who got on the Driscoll bus, looked past the obvious, got other people on the bus and now are PRing themselves on social media as praying and hoping for Driscoll’s restoration – rather than coming clean with their contribution to this catastrophe.

Driscoll will have a right to be disgusted at those who so warmly greeted and affirmed him and now condescendingly pray for him to get right with God. I am sure it is a stomach turner for him. He is now alone with his judges, those who used his fame, his new ways, his cred and hip ways to support their own agendas. There has always been enough info out there for those who cared to know to ask serious questions and slow down the bus. They didn’t. Can we say The Gospel Coalition, which is establishing a track record of deafness. Can we say CJ Maheny? The Gospel Coalition is looking like more than a coalition and more like a platoon.

I cannot even begin to imagine how the disaffected people at Mars Hill felt when the mega-stars were hyping Driscoll at the very time the disaffected were trying to catch their breath and get the word out about the abusive culture of the church.

I think one of the steps in the larger process is for The Gospel Coalition to manage itself and give account of their culture in a public way, explaining how they could get so wrong what others felt was to obvious to miss.