I am addicted to church. It could be that the only reason I was a pastor is that I got paid the big bucks to hang around church full-time. 🙂 A lot happens when a group of men and women, boys and girls decide to live out life together going face-to-face with Jesus. It’s not always easy, but it’s never boring. And a lot of good stuff happens. One of my brothers, Kenny, is also a Pastor, and from what I hear a much better one than me. He also has more hair.

I served with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a Campus Staff Member from 1971-75 at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Then it was theological studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, followed by 36 years as a Sr. Pastor is Kansas and Massachusetts.  I also teach at Eastern Nazarene College as an adjunct instructor, 22 years: Philosophy (my favorite class), Bible, Speech, Living Issues (Ethics), Christian Traditions, and Professional Business Communication.

Sharon has been my one and only marriage partner for 48 years. We have two sons, Jon and Ben, both of whom were trained as scientists, earning their PhDs a the University of Chicago and the University of California-Santa Barbara respectively.

Pembroke, MA has been our home for the last 24 years. Lord willing, it is where we will remain and lived in Hingham for eight years before that. 32 years in all in Massachusetts.