It Is Time to Prosecute the Prosecutors

In three Western democracies there are ongoing attempts to overthrow the will of the people by the Left-Great Britain, the US, and Israel. It’s a disgrace. The world is simply witnessing the darker side of democracy, and authoritarian regimes are taking heart in their own stable dictatorial states that are to be preferred over the tendency within democracies to be cast upon the churning waters of democratic shenanigans by a political and bureaucratic class who believe they have a natural right to rule because they are smarter and more intelligent. Moving toward democracy cannot be risked for the welfare of their own nation.

The Trump hearings are not the triumph of democracy at work, but the overthrow of democratic elections.

There is nothing more clear in the impeachment inquiry than the entitlement, arrogance, and smug condescension evidenced by our betters who have decided Trump should be brought down. In effect, they have chosen to overthrow me and the choices I have made. I take it personally. They simply have made the decision that I must not be allowed to have my way. Nothing has changed since the days of Alger Hiss and his nemesis Whittaker Chambers. Read Chambers’ book “Witness” about the State Department and the broader bureaucratic elite who have had nationalism bred out of them at Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. They are genetically incapable of putting the welfare of the US first.

Our betters know what they are doing. That is one of the reasons they speak so much of a coup by the President. They know what they are doing is unconstitutional and anti-constitutional. They know that to resist them would not be an unfair thing to do and that a constitutional case could be made for it. (“To defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.)” They realize, after all, what they are doing – working outside the constitution and its spirit. It is natural for them to ask, will Trump now take unusual measures to resist them?

Caroline Glick, my go to journalist of all things Israel, describes this phenomenon when it comes to Netanyahu. “Politicians may make us happy or sad, frustrated or infuriated. But today, in post-democratic Israel it hardly matters. Netanyahu called last night for an “investigation of the investigators.” Unless our elected officials join forces to heed his call, they – and the voters who elected them — will never be relevant again.” -Caroline Glick writing on Netanyahu’s political prosecution. Here is her recent post.

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