Why I Became a Political Activist After Retiring from the Ministry

After I retired from the ministry, I considered options for involvement. Decided to put some maximum effort into politics, encouraging and supporting an ordered civil society that arises from the West’s Judeo-Christian heritage, focusing on freedom, family, and faith. Bottom line – the West is worth saving. Its flourishing means less suffering, more prosperity and opportunity, dignity for the individual, and a religiously ordered liberty that is the only force that can protect and defend a Republic and maximizes nurturing the coming generations in a personal and well-founded faith.

I find my Evangelical brethren rather disinterested in this project. They are under the impression that if people are “saved,” then all else follows. This is wrong. It is true that Gospel salvation is job #1. But there are things that make job #1 more realizable and give it an environment that incubates religion rather than oppresses it. That matters, too. I have found in these five years of political activism a strong current, not just of conservatism, but also of active faith among fellow activists. I have not stepped out of the sacred into the secular at all. It has been faith actively engaging life and culture.

This is one of the reasons that on my business card I continue to refer to myself as Rev Don Bryant. I have not lost that identity or its mission.

Here is an article that touches on the topic.

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