The Dems Unleash An Attack on the Electoral College in the New Congress

Here we go!! The Dems are attacking the Electoral College in Congress. Go here. The hope of the Dems is mob rule, the exact very thing that our Founders resisted in the original construction of our Democratic Republic. The Electoral College is at the core of this check on direct democracy, as well as the original design to have Senators chosen by State Legislatures rather than directly chosen by voters, which was, of course, changed to direct vote. That has not been a change to the good. The real hope of the Dems is to unleash both coasts and Chicago to dominate the political landscape. Flyover country, the bane of the Dems, will simply dry up politically. (The Dems might need all that land for their collectivized farming.)

Such a bill has no hope of getting through Congress for now. It must pass by two thirds of both houses and be approved by two thirds of all the states. Yet this is a sign of the anti-Constitutional bias of the Dems, who find that federalism is getting in their way. Trump has been accused of undermining the Constitution with his populism, yet there is no move by him to alter our federalism. Indeed, he has made moves to strengthen it as one of the means to protect the people from the Dems and their love affair with direct control and their anti-Constitutional DNA.

Pure democracy has always been the sand in the gears of democratic governance over time. For an example in the 20th century, see what happened to Spain when they overthrew the monarchy in 1931 for direct democracy. It descended into chaos and unchecked street violence. George Orwell saw this as someone who went to Spain to help the Republicans, and ended up his book “Homage to Catalonia” as a response to the horror he saw. (By the way, the first things this new government did was legalize abortion and support the breakdown of traditional marriage.) Pure democracies cater to our worst instincts and always end with the people taking up arms against each other. As we have seen over the last few years, the Dems and many of their supporters are not uncomfortable with the breakdown of order and the unleashing of violence on the streets.
Here is a series on the Spanish Civil War on YouTube. It was produced in the 80s and well done as an overview. The Spanish Civil War teaches us that pure democracy leads to pure totalitarianism, a la Napoleon after the French Revolution and Franco after the overthrow of the Spanish Monarchy.

There are large forces at work here, folks. It seems overwhelming to the man on the street who is just trying to build his own place of peace on his own plot of land for his own family. His experience with politics is draining, disappointing, and miserable. Yet it is the means available to us to keep the wickedness at bay, that keeps knocking on our door and wants in. As Ray Bradbury put it, “Something Wicked This Way Comes.”

In broad outline the nature of the conflict is clear. Where that conflict will go is clear. What will stop it is clear. The one thing that is not clear is whether or not you will let it happen or seek to get your piece of the pie and hope that time doesn’t run out before it’s your piece of the pie that they come for.

BTW, here is a useful Prager video on the Electoral College.