China On the Move Against Monotheistic Religions

China is on the move against the monotheistic religions of Islam and Christianity.

China banned Zion, Beijing’s Biggest House Church, shut down after Sunday services. This influential congregation had refused orders to install government surveillance cameras. China means to surveill all of its citizens by cameras strategically placed over the entirety of its country, giving all of its citizens a grade on their behaviors and probable attitudes toward the government.

Google is helping them do it with their partnership in tecnology, the same Google trying to cut conservatives out of the marketplace of ideas here in America, the same Google that follows China’s censorship guidelines, and the same Google refusing to cooperate with our own Department of Defense.

What we have in China is the cult of the state raised to a high and dangerous degree. Religious symbols are being replaced by pictures of the President Xi Jinping. Think the Caesars of Rome, to whom the Christians were ordered to offer a pinch of incense and acknowledge them as Lord. They refused to do so and paid for it with their lives. Christians in the famous and thriving house churches are refusing to do so, even as the Christians in Rome. And the consequences are amping up.

Approximately 1 million Muslims in western China are in internment camps. China is the enemy of its people. The government’s activities involve burning of crosses and replacing them with the Chinese flag; showing slogans praising the Communist Party and the values of socialism in religious buildings; and taking away sacred images seen as “too Western.” There are many Christian organizations online that focus on news from China and prayer concerns.

Partner in prayer with the China Partnership.