Christians and Political Involvement

Many who criticize the Christian’s political involvement do so as if there were a “universal man,” a man stripped of culture, language, tradition, and history. They ask him to be committed to no culture, no civilization, no nation, no tradition, in other words, to be an ahistorical man.

This man has not and cannot exist. It is through these phenomena that we are “we.” To detach from them is to seek the “non-human.” To participate in them is to be the particular men we are. Through them comes the common grace of God. To deny them is to forsake our neighbor by denying his natural humanity.

Of course, we are not Greek or Jew, slave or free, male or female, etc., as touching justification with God. But the peoples were created by God and the places they should live, as the Bible states. In Christ we move toward culture and civilization, not away from it, and in Christ we “seek the welfare of the city.” This certainly involves the governing of it, as well as education, the arts, business, etc. In all these areas, when they are engaged well, we find Christ at work. To be meaningfully involved is actually to move toward Christ.

There is no doubt that the Church is that organism which is at the center of God’s plan, the apple of his eye, where the Christian fulfills his primary obligation as a worshiper and servant of the God Most High. Yet his obligation to God and to others does not stop there but radiates out, not only to engage them with the Gospel but also to be salt, preservers of the common grace of God where we live.

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