We Are The 80%

WE ARE THE 80% – If you are a conservative Evangelical Protestant and politically active, the Evangelical gatekeepers want you to know you are embarrassing them.

Christianity Today feels compelled to post pieces meant to check you and remind you that you are ignorant and easy prey. You are the bitter clingers Obama spoke about and the deplorables HRC deplores. You are a sellout and a dupe, easy pickings for populism. How dare you be you. Jesus doesn’t like you.

But you are not alone. We are the 80% of Evangelicals.

Let the elite chase the fads of the times to keep their supposed cultural influence, even while they condescendingly chide you for your political influence, whereas they have none. They say they do not seek it. They do and have tried. But their brand has no buyers in the marketplace of ideas.

The best they can now do is turn against you.

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