GET READY TO BE SURPRISED AT YOUR NEXT MAJOR SURGERY – Ran into another friend who was denied opioids for pain relief after an extraordinarily painful shoulder replacement. He described in excruciating detail the days of crazy pain for which he had no serious meds. This was a cruel act by doctors and government regulation. All this because some people give into addiction. So people who honestly suffer must suffer more. My friend confessed that the level of pain almost sent him to the black market to get relief. A doctor’s wife expressed concern to me about the number of develpmentally disabled patients who cannot defend themselves and are being denied pain relief. My wife fractured her pelvis. Unbelievable pain. Days and nights of crying in pain. The doctors let her know that she could have no opioids (which she cannot tolerate anyway) because of their addictive quality. Translated – “suffer, baby.”

This is how government does regulation. Good and needy people suffer. The careless determine the rules.

There needs to be an organization that defends sufferers’ right to opioids for pain relief. I searched on the net and cannot find one.

If you think Tylenol will take care of the pain coming from this trauma, take another look.

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