All The Love At The Mall

While I was at the mall yesterday collecting signatures for a political candidate, I saw a lot of love happening. Lots of seniors were wheelchairing their spouses or supporting them while they shuffled with their walkers, all the time touching and talking. What lucky seniors they were to have a loyal spouse stand by them in sickness and in health. Many parents were walking their developmentally disabled kids, holding hands, kindly touching cheeks. Many care providers were there with severely disabled children giving them their day at the mall, as well as disabled adults. It was a festival of caring, loving, taking the time, showing joy.

How many times I wanted just to go over and thank them for making me happy and reminding me that the image of God is in every person, that their humanity has not been erased, and that caring for them heightens our humanity. I am sad to see indoor malls fade. They are stadiums of loving, not just temples to consumerism. Sit and watch sometime. See and notice. And then keep your promises.

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