The Staying Power of Dr. Jordan Peterson

Dr. Jordan Peterson is everywhere. It’s been a rocket ride for him since he rose up to do war with bill C-16 in Toronto, which Jordan believes, among other things, criminalizes pronoun usage.

It would be difficult to fire him since he is a tenured faculty at University of Toronto, but one thing that can be done is the denial of grants for his research, which has happened. He instead crowdsourced financial support, which has yielded the rate of $150,000 per year. He is taking that money to pursue some of his dominating ideas while cutting back on his private counseling practice.

One of those ideas is the bankruptcy of the humanities, particularly English departments, social work and sociology departments. His announced aim was once to decrease the number of students in these departments by 75% over the next five years. I think he has backed away from this as too vengeful and capable of misinterpretation. I know that at one point he was going to identify both professors and courses which had completed broken with the Western Enlightenment project and the Judeao-Christian tradition and had bought into a Neo-Marxian and Postmodern model. He quickly backed away from this profiling.

But the one thing he has not broken away from is his dominating concern with Postmodernism and Neo-Marxian ideology. The question that comes up time and again is whether or not he truly understands Postmodernism, which essentially asserts that all ideology is simply a move from and toward power and hierarchy. Nothing is true or untrue. It is simply useful or not useful for purposes of gaining power. This is a very cynical view of things, no doubt.

Here is Peterson’s response to whether or not he truly understands Postmodernism. We all will do well to pay attention to Jordan. He is now a player on the social/cultural/political stage. Time will tell how much staying power he has.

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