Immigration and the Two Conversations We Have To Have

There are two conversations that must occur together in Western society. There is immigration itself. Who? How many? Where from? Merit based? What constitutes a refugee? Etc., etc. Then there is a second discussion. There is immigration and then there is immigration to welfare states, which is a wholly different thing, which means immediate state subsidy of immigrants that actually turn into generational welfare.

In effect, states now pay immigrants to immigrate, and not just legal immigrants, illegal, too. Previous to 1965 in the US all immigrants had to have a sponsor who ensured that the immigrant would not become a ward of the State, at his own cost if necessary.

Americans who protest against this are not racists, bigots, and very bad Christians who don’t follow the Bible’s precepts. They want to discuss fairness and justice without being vilified, even though they insist on having that discussion even if vilified. They have a right to challenge the justice of imposing undue costs, increased burdens on civic infrastructures (schools, hospitals, crime, etc.), effects on employment and wages, effect on voting demographics, etc. It seems the only way they can have this conversation is by sheer insistence and political hard ball. The Dems flip on the fog machine and yell racist.

Part of what happened in the 2016 election with Trump’s election is the belief that the Republicans as a party did not want to have this conversation, particularly with Jeb Bush speaking for institutional Republicanism. On immigration he was a Democrat. Rubio (the Gang of eight), the same. Trump was the only one who would allow this conversation to happen, even if many Republicans did not like him, his tactics, his language, his brawler style.

The Dems and large swaths of the GOP had shut this conversation down. They are still trying. But there is only one thing standing in the way – the people, the half of the people who casts votes in the last election. That’s a lot of people. They have not gone away, even with the antics and language of Trump. They are looking past the GQ Gentleman of the Year Award. They want that conversation.

And people who try to shut down conversations aren’t gentlemen, either, by the way.

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