Game Called On Account of Darkness

To the best of my knowledge I have never called another’s Christianity in question due to his or her’s political opinions. That is not what I do nor where I go.

The toxicity created when Christians attack other Christians’ souls is a poison worse than the issue at hand. I evaluate positions and options and make mine known. When some Christian says to another Christian that the opinion he or she has is due to them being a bad Christian, the game is called on account of darkness.

The rage I now see is a blight that strips the landscape of life and verdure. It scars all. This doesn’t mean Christians cannot call other Christians to repentance. I hope not. The Bible explicitly calls us to bring correction and rebuke to errant brothers and sisters. The Lord knows that I have been turned from the error of my ways by a courageous brother or sister who chose to block the path I was on that would only lead to destruction. To do this is necessary and always in season. Yet in a moment this turns to bullying, leveraging, and shaming. After 68 years, virtually the whole of my life immersed in Christ-following and pastoring, I think I know the difference and can detect its stench from afar. When I sense this is in play, as a general practice I do not interact or comment. I withdraw. “Who is the best Christian” is a game I do not play.

To the degree that I know myself, I think I genuinely do not judge another’s spiritual life by their politics and have never blocked nor raged against them. I have only twice in all these years on social media blocked another, and even then it was because of the way they were going after others with whom I was in conversation and not the way they were treating me. So, let the conversation continue.

I learn a lot when Christians disagree, and though many say people don’t change their mind by what they read on social media, I do, and love to read what friends believe and feel.

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