The Golden Globes and the Beast at the Gate

Trump’s ability to use the media has nothing on these guys at the Golden Globes. Hollywood’s love affair with disordered sexuality is notorious. After the Golden Globes, now they seem to qualify to be on the Religious Right and appear on James Dobson’s radio program. Having participated in degrading sexual civility and marching it across the silver screen, much less what they offer on cable, now they want to volunteer to be guardians at the gate. Sure, why not??? They have been at the vanguard of making our shame our glory.

All of us have that dark side that we spend a lot of time building fences around. (OK, it’s just me, I know). We never lose the ability to embarrass ourselves at any age. The beast is never tamed. It can only be caged. Hollywood tells us that beast is the real us and authenticity is embracing it.

A lot of time and effort has gone into constructing a civilization where the beast doesn’t freely prowl its streets. Traditions, manners, civil codes, religious enterprise, community networks, etc., have over time constructed pathways that both guide us and warn us that there are other paths that destroy. This is a critical aspect of conservatism, honoring time-worn and tested ways that have yielded functioning societies.

I am not only thinking of the heritage of the West. China comes to mind with the advent of Mao and his attack on Confucianism, which in many ways, judged by the standard of the amount of peace a philosophy can bring to a society, is the world’s most successful religion. Mao outlawed Confucianism, enthroned marxist dialectics, and introduced a terror of which mankind had previously been incapable. The terror of the State became the only force to control man, and the interior motivation to the good and the ordered was destroyed.

BTW, this is one of the reasons I am not a libertarian. It fails to recognize the organic nature of a tested and organized society in producing the good man. It’s mantra of personal liberty as the great good loses focus on the institutional support necessary to both produce and preserve liberty. This is why I am a member of the Republican Party and not the Libertarian Party.

Anyway, Hollywood is the last place I go for advice on ordering our civil life. By their track record, they have earned my censure.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 5.42.48 AM

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