The Golden Age Politicians and Rhetoricians Promise Is Dust

This Prager video is an example of what we mean when we say that conservatism isn’t utopian. It integrates the truth that evil is real, that it will not go away, and that evil has its foothold in human nature. Through the grace of God evil can be restrained, if only for a time and in seasons, but it emerges again, only to require good people to once more wage the battle against it. THIS NEVER CHANGES.

The golden age promised to us by political charlatans is a chimera. Wise people do not chase schemes and promises that do not take this into account. Utopian dreams have lead to the most destructive episodes on planet earth, whether it be the French Revolution and its product Napoleon, Marx and is dialectical materialism submerging Russian and China into a dystopian bloodbath, Mussolini and Hitler’s Fascism and their World War, or Islamic dreams of a worldwide caliphate that will once for all rid the world of idolatry.

Our US Constitution system of checks and balances, distrust of government as a means to human fulfillment, belief in the liberty of the individual man left alone to fulfill his own dreams without interference from the meta-narratives of emperors and empires, is the great ballast against the rolling and boiling seas of human imaginations untethered to the tectonic plates of our fallen world.

The good we do matters. Christ will use it and include it in the world that shall be. But it is a world that he shall bring with the help of no man. It is his trumpet that shall sound, and then the End will come. The Books will then be opened and the Great Division shall be made. Evil and lovers of evil will be banished forever. Our eyes shall see it.

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