Evangelicalism Has Always Been A Rodeo

If you think the moniker “Evangelical” is no longer worth keeping because of what it communicates to the broader culture, go back to George Whitfield (d. 1770), the father of Evangelicalism, as it were, and see what epithets were hurled at him. By many he was considered a snake oil salesman, a showman, an incurable huckster always interested in getting your money, a dis-repecter of respectable religion, a threat to the political order, a constant critic of the establishment.

As many Evangelicals over time have moved into the mainstream culture, they are disinclined to shoulder the opprobrium of the movement, which has always been a people movement that moves deep into the masses of the “unwashed,” where things aren’t always so ordered, tidied, and clean and can be a bit rough.

Our Evangelical elite are opting out of the rodeo that is the Evangelical heritage.

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