Rod Dreher Calls Out Politico’s “Puff” Piece on Jen Hatmaker

Politico writes a piece on Jen Hatmaker that is theologically uninformed. She can’t wear the wardrobe of anti-Trump to cover her rejection of Christian moral orthodoxy. We’re not that blind.

She was being called out for her drift left long before Trump. Rod Dreher calls this out. It’s not all about Hatmaker. It’s also about what the Left and the Evangelical Left want to make of her. I am increasingly of the suspicion that the Jesus the Left wants is a Jesus without an inspired and infallible Bible and without Church History.

BTW, I am not sure Rod Dreher knows Evangelicalism all that well. He has fans with mainstream Evangelicalism and dialogues with Evangelicals, particularly the ones who are never Trumpers. But revivalistic Evangelical is a phenomenon that escapes him. He is a former Roman Catholic and now for many years Eastern Orthodox, both have which been culture shapers in ways unlike the manner Evangelicalism has shaped the American landscape. He doesn’t see the power in conversionist Evangelical religion.

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