A Must-Listen Radio Lab Episode: Do Premies Evidence A Will To Live?

This is a gripping story of premie baby with the “will” to live. A gripping story of primarily one little girl who just wouldn’t die, Juniper.

Her story is a new genre of story since such a short time ago the medical technology to save premie lives just wasn’t available. Now their journey is making its way onto the pages of our stories.

You won’t forget this one. I was glued to the radio listening. Had to stay in the car a bit to finish it, rooting for Juniper to live. She did. Babies in her condition mostly don’t. But now increasingly do.

Get ready for more stories like this as technology continues to pick up speed. Of course, the ethical choices are front and center. Chief among them is in what sense is a premie more than just biological reflexes and evidence such phenomenon we usually associate with a “will” or “spirit.” Are some babies actually “choosing” to live?

You won’t regret listening to this episode of Radio Lab, one of my weekly listens.

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