The Mob Takes Its Turn Again

A number of years ago I read Ann Coulter’s “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America.” Aside from her scorched earth model of doing politics, it is an extended reflection on the French Revolution in contrast to the American Revolution.

Our constitutional system intentionality attempted to tamp down the power of the mob. Furthering tampering with the constitution has enabled the power of the mob, including the election of Senators by the ballot rather than by appointment by State legislators. Now there is a move to erase the Electoral College.

We know though history where pure democracy goes – anarchy, oppression, and the guillotine. France never recovered from her dalliance with the mob. It led to Napoleon, the virtual death of the church as a civil institution, hyper skepticism, and radical politics that disabled it from the strength necessary to protect it from Germany in two world wars.

Now it is America’s turn to once again choose what kind of revolution it wants. We are in the midst of seeing the power of the mob and the move to make American ungovernable. It will either lead to a clamp down by authoritarian government or a complete breakdown of public institutions. The only way to escape these two paths is to push back against the mob and restore our three branches of government to their rightful place as standing between the people and those who rule the people.

Unfortunately our three branches of government are caving in to the power of the mob to firm up their base of power. The irrationality of the mob is being witnessed again and again – on the university campus, in the press’s move toward pure political activism, the rise of demagoguery, and the pure instinct for revenge set loose in our government.

We had better get this under control or much of what we have struggled for will be lost. Conservatism of the Edmund Burke kind is the answer. One would do well to read his books and those that restate his key thoughts, including Russell Kirk’s and Michael Novak’s works. On the web check in with The Imaginative Conservative, both the website and Facebook.

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