Dinesh D’Souza’s “Big Lie” Reviewed (Slightly)

Finished Dinesh D’Souza’s “Big Lies” last night in preparation for Monday night’s Reading Right Book Club at the Lydia Drake Library, 7 PM, 340 High St., Pembroke. D’Souza has turned away from the broader work of the intellectual history of ideas to election specific activism, from philosophy to personalities. I wish he had not turned to street journalism, but I get it. He has decided to get on the streets and do some hand to hand. If you read this book, you will find out why.

The basic thesis of the book is that while the Left has pinned the word “fascist” on the right, the GOP, and on Trump, in fact it is the Left that is rooted in fascism. The Big Lie is just that phenomenon – fascists calling anti-fascists fascists. D’Souza traces the history of fascism, a worthwhile project, and shows that it is rooted in socialism. I believe this is demonstrably true.

Both Italy’s Mussolini and Germany’s Hitler were anti-capitalist with a vision of a state directed economy, even if they disagreed with communism that the State should directly own the means of production.

“Big Lies” is replete with names, books, articles and time lines, all very helpful. My conviction is that D’Souza makes his case, and it is a case that the GOP should be making, which it does not. In fact, the GOP has grown comfortable with State dominated interference in markets and the growth of government.

The weakest section of the book, as it is almost always is in these kinds of works, is the “what should we do?” section at the end. His most novel contribution is that the conservatives should take to the streets even as the Left has done, matching their aggression, though always legally. He points out that both Italy and Germany show us that you don’t beat fascism with just ideas but direct action, including the hard penalties of the law against them when there are violations. He recalls, as we all do, that there is very little judicial response to Antifa, BLM, etc. when they riot to shut down free speech, destroy property, stop commerce, block traffic, etc. Good people must grow more comfortable with legal force. Like I have said, this is his more novel idea but not his only one.

If the Left is truly fascistic, and I have come to believe over the last several years that it is, then the call is not for dispassionate discussion of ideas alone but a more severe activism that puts our bodies in the places that fascism seeks to dominate. This is certainly not a RINO strategy!!

I invite you to the RR Book Club. You can go to youtube and search D’Souza’s Big Lie and get multiple videos for watching. You’ll get the salient ideas that will prepare you for the discussion.