Ross Douthat Asserts GOP Tax Plan Ignores the American Fertility Crisis

Ross Douthat of the NYT has a thread on Twitter worth following about the GOP Tax plan and populist conservatism’s silence over the little families are getting out of the deal, wasting its outrage on other usual usual conservative flashpoints. This comes, he says, at a time in which the fertility rate for US families is virtually collapsing, falling significantly below replacement.

Conservatism has made a big deal about the collapse of the fertility rate in Europe and the consequences for the preservation of Western civilization and liberal values. Douthat asserts that populist conservatives aren’t making a peep about it when it’s now happening here – out of loyalty to The Donald, Douthat supposes.

True principled conservatism, Douthat supposes, would be for more tax cuts for working families so that they could have more children and reverse the decline. I think this ignores that a booming economy is always the best way out of decline and any tax plan that does not ensure this happens would in the end be anti-family.

Douthat is concerned that this helps only those who are “in” the economy as a player, in other words, those who have jobs. I guess higher fertility rates by those who are not in the economy has no serious implications for Douthat. It does for me. But the argument is worth following.

His first “rant,” as he calls it, begins at He references the recent findings on fertility decline in the US here.…/the-great-baby-bust-of-2017-2f63907402…

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