Lindsay Shepherd Meets “1984” at Wilfrid Laurier University

If you are on Twitter I invite you to follow the free speech journey of Lindsay Shepherd @NewWorldHominin. She is a grad student at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada and is going through an absurd oppression as a Teaching Assistant who dared to show a portion of a debate that included Dr. Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto in which he explained his refusal to use any other pronouns that “he” or “she.”

Shepherd is on the Left and disagrees with Dr. Peterson but thought the short clip of Peterson would help situate her students on the nature of the debate. One or more students complained that this was an act of violence against them in the classroom and Shepherd was forced to meet a faculty tribunal for her “Hitler-like violence.” No kidding.

She knew what she was in for before the meeting and secretly recorded it. If you have never come face to face with the oppression that is innate on the Left, you will see it in all its horror. Here is the recorded tribunal meeting. It will amaze you.

The debate that Dr. Peterson was in is here.

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