Black Friday, A Day For The Poor

Black Friday, a day for the poor. I came across a homily where the priest takes an unusual turn. Instead of blasting consumers for their Black Friday obsessions, he strikes the note of gratitude for a capitalism which provides a special day for the impoverished.

It does seem that most of cynicism that is expressed about Black Friday comes from those who are already okay. But if you are living on the edge, this might be the only day you can get the toys you want for your children at Christmas or a special gift that might surprise and delight the whole family.

I grew up in one of those families and now know as a parent myself how strained my parents must have felt at Christmas time. I don’t think I would have been critical of a special day when dad and mom might be able to afford the gifts they wanted to give.

Yes, I, too, reject the out of control consumerism and “have to have” world view, and at some level I try to live with less than my surrounding culture tells me I have to have in order to be happy. Giving in Christ’s name in the MO of the Christian, not getting. Yet I celebrate a day that brings to the people huge discounts for gifts to be shared with others. What a country!!!

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