David Daleiden Needs Our Help to Stay Out of Jail

Last night I contributed to the legal defense of David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress.

Daleiden did the incredible work of uncovering Planned Parenthood’s trafficking of baby parts and the use of abortion techniques to make sure that different organs were harvested intact for purposes of their market value. Hopefully you remember the series of videos released that made their way ultimately to Congress. If you saw them, you shared with our nation the shock of unvarnished revelation of barbarism.

The barbarity of it all stunned our nation, at least that part of it which has a conscience. Daleiden planned and carried out this investigative journalism, which met the standards of any and all such investigations that we regularly see in the news. Yet the hurricane of legal chicanery thrown at him by the pro-abortion attorney general of CA is stunning and without . Of course, the Attorney general has the money of taxpayers to fuel his jihad against truth telling. It is clearly a vendetta for telling the unvarnished story of PP.

To date $1.5 million has been spent on Daleiden’s defense. At least a million more is needed, half of which can be given by a matching grant. We OWE Daleiden a defense after such an enthusiastic response by the pro-life community for the work he had done. It is only right that our enthusiasm be matched by our generosity for his defense. What he did, he did for all of us. Your gift of any amount will be doubled, up to $500,000. My small gift of $20 became $40. That’s an offer I could not refuse. I am asking you not to refuse it either. Can you give $10 if not $20? Please consider the need and the meaning of this moment. A ground swell of support will send signals across the pro-abortion community that Americans are not barbarians.

Go here to the Thomas More Society to make your donation.