In a Revolutionary Present It Is Necessary to Throttle the Past

From Mark Steyn – “In a revolutionary present it is necessary ultimately to throttle the past – eliminating Robert E Lee, Christopher Columbus, Dr Seuss, Stephen Foster, the national anthem, to dam up the stream of history, the flow of past to present to future, and thus sever the citizenry from their entire inheritance, so that we are mere flotsam and jetsam on the frothing surface of the moment – a world where, in a certain sense, Harvey Weinstein is God.”

Steyn has written one of the most powerful pieces of cultural analysis I have read of late. It is worth your thoughtful attention. He has it right – our country has divided up not along traditional political lines, as the left and the right, conservative/progressive, large government/small government, but along class lines – those who matter and those who aren’t our kind of people. You know, like the people at a country and western music concert in Las Vegas who most likely support Trump and are 2nd amendment types, the kind of people Obama labeled bitter clingers to religion and guns.

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