Why Harvey Weinstein Got Away With It

I commend to you this articlethis article for insight into the way consequence-free sexual harassment works. It works on the liberal side of the fence and the conservative. Harvey Weinstein is calling in his chips to protect himself, and plenty of people owe him. Seriously owe him. As in, no career without him. He literally thinks that his act of penance by promising to up his contributions to liberal causes will set him free. It used to work, money and career in exchange for a free hits on women. But maybe not so much now. VP Pence has been made fun of for his policy of not meeting any woman in private, and some feminists believe this demeans them. (I tend to agree with the latter). But with the plethoras of Weinsteins, Clintons, and Kennedys out there, any attempt to redress the imbalance of power can be appreciated.

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