Slate is Liking Ben Sasse

Leftist leaning Slate is liking Sen. Ben Sasse. See this piece by Ben Mathis-Lilley. Bottom line for Slate – they like the way Sasse talks but not the way he votes. I have given it a quick once over but will go back to give it more attention.

His name will keep coming up as we move toward the 2020 Presidential elections. Like Obama and Carter, he can’t avoid an opportunity to lecture others. For some in the Senate this is getting old. Like many establishment GOPers, he can’t stand Trump.

His voting record is reliably conservative. Yet one gets the feeling that at any point he is ready to bolt. Center and center-left Evangelicals are drawn to his religious cred. He speaks toward the softer side of Evangelicalism and is quick to be dismissive toward the Evangelical warrior class.



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