Fran Mancini, Director of the Washington, DC, March for Life Featured in The Washington Post Magazine

The Washington Post Magazine published a piece entitled, “I Could Use My Voice,” featuring ten activists from a wide spectrum of issues. They included pro-life advocate. Jeanne Mancini, President of the March for Life! Here’s the link. Scroll down to read about her. And acquaint yourself with some other activists from all across the political spectrum who are also featured.

I attended last year’s March for Life in Washington, DC. It was such a tremendous experience that I am considering making this trip again in 2018. It would be hard to duplicate it. The weather was friendly with bright skies, the President had just been elected giving energy to hope for the pro-life cause, VP Pence and significant Congressional leaders made their appearance, and the arrangements were flawless. Being with 650,000 pro-life people in one place at one time is a great cause simply cannot be described in anyway close to what I felt.

I remind myself that it was not about how I was feeling, however. The cause stands whether or not I had to go through misery to be there or otherwise. And it is the cause that still calls. Perhaps by 2018 Planned Parenthood will have been defunded, and we can rejoice that our tax dollars are not used to kill the unborn in the womb, dollars that can be invested in a culture of life.

Meanwhile it is time to prepare for the 40 Days For Life campaign here in Boston that begins on Sept. 27. I have participated for three years, with both attendance at the vigils and with fasting and prayer. There is both a Fall campaign and a Spring campaign. The Spring campaign is a misnomer of a kind. It mostly takes place in the winter, beginning in late February and ending right before Easter. Standing in snow, ice and cold is part of what is involved. The discomfort is nowhere close, of course, to the pain that the unborn face at Planned Parenthood clinics.

I am now 68. It is important that at this age I measure my investment for the Kingdom of Christ carefully. No time to waste! The justice of rescuing the unborn and the hope for mothers to turn toward the good and the beautiful animate me. I can stand at a vigil. I can pray. I can love. I can be present.

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