Richard Epstein Backs Trump’s Pullout From The Paris Accord

This is a MUST read in defense of pulling out of the Paris Accord. For those who think the US is ceding global leadership by pulling out, here is the response that demonstrates that your fears are unfounded.

Once again, Dr. Epstein is almost a Trump hater. He has at times called for him to step down from the Presidency and certainly was a never Trumper during the election. But he thinks, he knows, that Trump got this one right and celebrates that we have not been hoodwinked by the herd. His thinking is why I am not a supporter of the Paris Accord and an unsympathetic to those who whine about the supposed loss of US global leadership.

Epstein’s concern is that too much of Trump’s defense of pulling out was couched in the terms of nationalism. In fact, Epstein believes, he should have question the fundamental assumptions that are behind the Paris Accord.

If you face a dispute over the pullout from the Paris Accord, make sure your partner in the dispute reads this article. Then begin from there.

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