Dr. Jordan Peterson Deconstructs Postmodernism’s Assault Against the West

Dr. Jordan Peterson of the University of Toronto is going viral as he stands against PC domination on the university campus and challenges the assault upon reason, free research and free speech.

His new fame was sparked by the university “encouragement” of faculty to participate in their version of diversity training, which included how to to rightly use pronouns in the new gender fluid world. The assault upon Peterson was tsunamic. Rather than shrinking he took his position to the campus quads, to the lecture halls and debate forums and to youtube.

Here is his talk on the roots of the assaults, postmodern constructions of society. Postomodernism, as it is now constructed, is an assault against the West, against males, against reason and against gender rooted in biology. As Peterson makes clear, it is driven by resentment coupled with a pathological asbence of gratitude. It is worth a listen.

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