Fostering Hope

Last night at GRACE CHURCH was one of the more moving experiences I have had in a church service. The Pastor spoke on Christians stepping up to the need for foster care and adoption here in Massachusetts. He talked of the protection of children being spiritual warfare, referencing Russell Moore’s book, “Adopted for Life (Updated and Expanded Edition): The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families and Churches.”

Pastor Sean rather practically suggested that Christians who do not believe this is God’s call on them to step up financially and support other Christians financially who want to be foster parents and/or adopt. A special fund has been set up for this at Grace Church. Bryan and Stevie in our Life Group are in the process of adopting a teen. It’s not a cakewalk, and there are many ups and downs and hoops to jump through.

If I recall correctly, there are 125 million children globally waiting to be adopted. That’s a lot of kids being thrown onto the mercy of strangers!! The Dept of Children and Families here in Massachusetts is in a state of emergency trying to find sufficient numbers of adults for foster care right now. Dept Heads are having to build into their job descriptions more PR time in the midst of their already strained resources to get the word out.

Executive Director Jonathan Reid of/ presented their work last night.

It’s hard for me to imagine that after the services this weekend Grace Church there won’t be at least a few more families stepping up.