What Kind of Presidency Do We Need?

What kind of Presidency do we need? Amity Shales takes a shot at this in her book, “Coolidge.”

Her point is that a quiet, rather average person could be the kind of person needed in the Oval Office and is what our Constitution was framed for. This is the kind of person needed to carry out, to execute, the laws passed by Congress. She posits that this has exactly been the Presidency we mostly had in the 1800s. They were men who were mostly about attending to the issues involved in carrying out the laws passed by the legislature.

Instead we have swerved to the charismatic, aggressive, take no prisoners presidency. Coolidge was known as Silent Cal. Can you imagine? We could go a whole week without a daily briefing, maybe a month, maybe more.

Constant war and FDR’s New Deal with its utopianism and statism changed everything. He set the tone of the President at war with Congress and the Courts. Since then we have mostly relied on capturing the White House as the basic goal of both parties.

I have believed for a long time that the goal should be local and focused on the legislature.

Here is an interview with Amity Shales on Coolidge

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