Two Rallies, Two Different Worldviews-A Day with Planned Parenthood and Trump Supporters

Yesterday I attended the rally to support Planned Parenthood on Boston Commons before going to the Trump rally a hundred yards away. Newspaper reports say about 200 were there. The crowd was essentially college students plus the Massachusetts congressional delegation. To listen one would have thought that the defunding of tax support for PP would mean that women have no access to contraception or any healthcare. Of course, there are many times more women health clinics than there are PP “clinics.” But this is irrelevant to the crowd because they want your tax dollars, which amount to $500 million.

I was interviewed by a TV station, channel 4, I believe. They asked me about defunding PP. My response was as above. The PP demands for taxpayer funds is simply coercion of support for private choices.

I was then asked about the rally in support of Trump and what the importance of that is. My response was that it is to remind the President that his base of support is the 63 million who voted for him, not Congress or the judiciary. The election simply put the pieces of the chessboard in place. Now the real “game” is in play. It is not enough to vote, as precious and necessary voting is. Now the real work of governing begins.

PP and Trump supporters live in two very different worlds. This is not new or recently developing. The PP supporters are statists who believe that government is the solution and call upon force to insist that their values are paid for by taxpayers. We would do well to remind ourselves that behind every law is the power of violence. This is the ultimate tool in the handbag of leftist schemes. Citizens cannot be left to their own conscience and free choices.

Trump supporters are of several kinds. Some are libertarians who believe that government’s role is to be a minimum presence, doing the bare essentials to keep society safe and free, with a few roads thrown in for driving. đŸ™‚  Some are moral conservatives who are deeply opposed to killing children in the womb and deprive them of their natural and constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.Others are prochoice but not at the taxpayer’s expense. What does bind these people together is that they are not statists who enlarge the role of government over larger and larger swaths of the citizenry. Plainly said, the government is to be watched and restricted.

Those on the Left depend on government coercion because much of what they desire does not have the support of the majority of the people.

These are two very different positions. They clash like weather systems, producing thunder, lightning, tornadoes and torrents of rain. They will never peacefully coexist. Dialogue and debate are always necessary, but they do not settle the issue. It is simply a matter of who is winning at any given time. One day one of these will gain ascendancy. Statists seem to have turned the social contract in their direction, but it is not a final determination. People still have free will and history is not deterministic. There is not necessary outcome. But reversing the pull of gravity down the greased slide of government promises is hard work. We have picked up speed and are far down the slide.

It can yet be reversed.

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