An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story

I will be viewing this documentary about Reinhold Niebuhr when it comes to TV this Spring. Niebuhr spoke as a self-identified Christian and in the Christian tradition though he was anything but theologically orthodox. Yet as part of the Protestant Mainline, he questioned its utopianism and diminishment of mankind’s sin nature, and therefore their too easy capitulation to the dark forces being unleashed upon the globe by the “isms” of the twentieth century.

The Mainline denominations had abandoned the traditional Christian position of just war and had by and large become pacifists. Niebuhr stood as a “Christian Realist,” building a case for Western democracies to oppose with force ideologies built upon conquest and destruction.

The Mainlines never actually learned the lesson Niebuhr wanted to teach, but the Christian tradition’s case for peace through strength received a boost from him. There is a lesson here for Evangelicals who have a strong leftist branch that has taken pacifism as one of its foundational building blocks.

Robert George Is Counting the Days

Dr. Robert George of Princeton University is counting the days since a student mob assaulted a professor, trying to shut down free speech. A professor was injured by a concussion at the hands of students. There has yet to be an accounting. So Dr. George will keep counting until something changes.

Here is Dr. George’s latest tweet – “24 DAYS since a mob assaulted a professor and core academic values at Middlebury. Still no one has been held to account.”

I commend to all those who do Twitter to subscribe to Dr. George’s tweets.

The Freed0m Caucus and Health Care

The GOP did run on a repeal and replace. This is not debatable. The Freedom Caucus is being blamed for remaining faithful to that promise.

It’s not as if the bill has to be watered down because of Democrat opposition. It was watered down because of the opposition of the GOP to the very promise it was making six months ago.

What happened that made the GOP the opposition party to a clean repeal and replace? After all, GOPers in the House had passed over 60 healthcare bills already while Obama was President. Now that they are the governing party for some reason the bills that they had passed were no longer good enough.

That Trump signed onto Ryan Care is not a good signal sent to conservatives. There is no doubt that Trump was elected by the conservative base and not the GOP mainstream. That base deserves Trump’s support, not least because he promised it to them.

Let’s not make health care an entitlement program. If we do, no matter how much or little, the game is over and the principle established that health care is now a government program. Whatever government subsidizes goes up in price. Costs cannot be contained when the government is the final answer to the survival of a program. And that is the nightmare.