Fuels Assistance For Our Seniors

There was a saddening aspect to collecting donations this last Saturday for Fuel Assistance for seniors here in Pembroke, along with fellow Republicans of the Pembroke Republican Town Committee. Not a few single shopper seniors came by the table seeking money to help them buy fuel. They thought we were giving out money rather than collecting money.  Wish we were. It wasn’t pleasant explaining to them that there would be no help today. It would have been great to get their address and just send over a fuel truck that day and fill up their tank.

It reminded me that every override Pembroke passes makes filling those tanks less possible for so many of our fellow senior citizens. To watch them turn away and slowly shuffle off to their cars with their very small basket of groceries was heartbreaking. Light, heat and food are mission critical in keeping our seniors healthy and positive about life. Much work to do. Much love that needs to be shown.

Careful financial stewardship by our towns is soooo critical so that seniors are not punished by overrides as a way to correct for inadequate fiscal safeguards on our town budgets.

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