The Truth Is…

The truth is hard.

The truth is hidden.

The truth must be pursued.

The truth is hard to bear.

The truth is rarely simple.

The truth isn’t so obvious.

The truth is necessary.

The truth can’t be glossed over.

The truth has no agenda.

The truth can’t be manufactured.

The truth doesn’t take sides.

The truth isn’t red or blue.

The truth is hard to accept.

The truth pulls no punches.

The truth is powerful.

The truth is under attack.

The truth is worth defending.

The truth requires taking a stand.

The truth is more important now than ever.


On The Upcoming Centenary of the Russian Revolution

From First Things – “The Russian Revolution’s centenary (2018) is being met with a mix of romantic myth and Orwellian revisionism. The Russian Revolution was an epic human tragedy, which deserves to be publicly mourned.”

The number of deaths under Communist regimes in Russia, China, Cambodia and Cuba have never received the kind of attention they deserve and the universal lament that is their due.

Of course, it is their own people who were being killed, but the absolute horror of these pogroms should shock us still. Instead we will be served a still warm serving of “dashed hopes” instead of the dark evil they were. The Left press just can’t bring itself to judge utopian socialism in any but a sentimental manner.


Last night I attended the Prayer Launch for the 40 Days for Life Campaign here in Boston. It was their largest crowd ever. Last year there were perhaps 75 or so. This year the figure was about 300.

The 40 Days Campaign was also held last Fall and now in the Lenten season beginning on Ash Wednesday. I will be at the prayer vigil outside Planned Parenthood on Commonwealth Ave in Boston.

The speaker last night was Dr. Anthony Levatino, obstetrician/gynecologist, attorney, and former abortionist. He told the dramatic story of his own spiritual conversion and his turn from doing abortions to prolife. That turn began when he and his wife were trying to adopt due to infertility even while he was performing hundreds of abortions. The dissonance between these two set up a tension that was to lead him down the prolife path, though not immediately. It was the death of his daughter, hit by a car while a child who happened into the street, that led to that fuller change which move him toward Christ and away from the culture of death.

Dr. Levatino has testified before Congress on behalf of the prolife cause. Here is his statement.

His personal stories of performing abortions, what actually happens and how it happens came down on us last night as the G forces of truth pushed up down in our pews. I could feel people just trying to breath. I was one of them.

Now before us is the next 40 days of prayer vigils on the Boston sidewalks. Our hope is that as women walk into the doors of the abortionist, they will have some sign of the goodness and love of God, gain hope, and choose life. We are not there to condemn or shout or judge. It’s about hope and the incredible love of Christ.