Why I’m Going To My Republican Town Committee Tonight

I would like to invite my Republican friends (and those who should be) 🙂 in Pembroke to attend the Pembroke Republican Town Committee tonight, 7:30 PM, Town Hall.

It was just a little over a year ago that I began attending, knowing nothing about what politics looks like at ground level. The year has been a whirlwind of new friends, campaigns, debates, organizing, calling, hoping, reading, volunteering, and discovering. All across the country this is where the real work of shaping the future of America happens.

In some sense Republicans are always at a disadvantage, for we are not Statists nor utopian central planners who believe that government plays the role of savior. We want less government that flows in a narrow stream. The less government needs to be paid attention to, the happier we are. The other party, on the other hand, wants more government and has dreams of collectivism that rely on and promote the State. This leads to a natural activism and a system of State rewards for that activism. But we are learning our lessons! With no hope of personal gain we check the growth of government and attempt to narrow the channel in which government flows so that only its essential work is done.

To the degree that we are successful, the family as the basic unit of care, accountability and industry is raised to its historic and grand role in the building of a great civilization.

To the degree that we are successful, the onerous financial burdens of government are reduced and the energy of the citizens is turned toward private industry and charity.

To the degree that we are successful, Americans will lose the feeling that “big brother is watching.”

To the degree that we are successful, a rational self-interest that moves citizens toward work, frugality and mutual care will displace the constant and ferocious battle over who gets first place at the government feeding trough by the taking of other people’s money.

To the degree we are successful, the place that religion has in the human heart will reign without threat of government’s demand to be first among our loyalties, displacing our conscience and intentionally secularizing our lives.

Much of this gets done when citizens band together and do the good work of education, mobilization, conversation and presentation of candidates who offer themselves for the purpose of liberty.

And all of this begins the moment you walk into a Republican Town Committee. Hope to see you there.

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