The Cost I Should Have Paid – Reflections on MLK Day

Socrates, Gandhi, MLK and Jesus taught us that love is not simply an affection but a power, who sacrificed themselves that we might see that love transcends the lover. It is not a no-thing but a real-thing that brings down strongholds of hate and disarms the oppressor.

This is seen again and again in families who choose to love one another rather than punish, forgive rather than remember, serve rather than be served.

Every once in awhile someone rises up to teach us that what is personal and familial can also be national, even global. I am thankful for those who lived that mission out and who today call us out of spitefulness and vengeance and to take the risk of dying to themselves, believing against all odds that love wins.

I am thankful for those who gave me more than a second chance and paid the cost I should have paid.

On this day I celebrate the peacemakers.

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