Evangelicals In The Political Crossfire

Of course there will be a move to impeach President Trump. No illusion that it could be otherwise. Game on.

The chasm between Hillary’s “deplorables” and the entrenched elite is wide and deep. It is clear right now that the polls reflect majority support for the President in his attempt to maintain strong borders, strong vetting, and a strong version of national sovereignty. The chaos of this conflict might weaken that support or it could fire it up.

How this works out in Evangelicalism will be most interesting to me. It is clear to me that many among its elite do not support the Evangelical mainstream, which is waking up to this fact. When push came to shove the Evangelical elite were more comfortable with Hillary than Trump and are not willing to die on the hill of conservative moral values. They are, as well, genetically uncomfortable with nationalism.

My guess is that Evangelicalism will take new shapes in the future as some of its leaders go the way of the old mainline denominations in their accommodations to culture. Right now the elites of Evangelicalism need the money of the mainstream for their colleges and institutions until they can figure out how to survive otherwise.

Meanwhile the Evangelical mainstream is trying to find a way to keep mainstream without turning to Fundamentalism as the solution at hand. Evangelicalism is not comfortable with the Falwells, Pastor Jeffress, etc. Their world and life views run into too narrow of a stream. Mainstream Evangelicalism will be searching for new spokespeople as it questions and second guesses its old standby institutions, such as Christianity Today and the familiar network of colleges and parachurch organizations such as World Vision. Eric Metaxas is perhaps a type of that new spokesman. He has the credentials as a bonafide Evangelical but is being chewed up by the Evangelical elite as a traitor to the cause in his support of Trump and his clear stand on moral issues that have historically dominated Evangelicalism.

Republicans, Be Faithful To Your Constitutional Mission

The one lesson left to us by the Obama years is that the Left does not moderate thru negotiation. Obama passed the fewest laws of any administration, even Pres. Carter’s one term presidency. Obama simply stopped trying and instituted one man rule by phone and pen. He had to have all his way, and the process be damned. 

Additionally, the Democratic Senate instituted the nuclear option and moved away from its bent toward consensus decision making. 

The Right’s DNA is not Obama’s. They expect negotiation and compromise. They are constitutionalists. They are not Statists, who desire the government to go unchecked in its role as Savior. They reduce the role of government and restrict its sphere of influence. In its way forward to restrict the State as the All-Beneficent-One, the Right must fiercely and with deaf ear to the bleating class move directly and swiftly to its constitutional mission. It must not dawdle and fantasize that the Left have all of a sudden chosen fair play. 

Republicans, use the constitutional power invested in you by the fair play rules of the Constitution to get your job done. Like Pilgrim in Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s Progress,” run from the City of Destruction with your fingers in your ears to block out the cries of those who accuse you of fanaticism. Focus, dare, risk and run toward the goal.