The Age of Rebundling

The binary “left/right” is being “rebundled,” as Andrew Wilson puts it. The fact is that where a person stands on one issue might not be a predictor where they stand on another issue.

His point is that in time past the consistency of options was the model: Socialism vs Capitalism Progressivism vs Conservatism, and Globalism vs Localism. You could tell how a person would vote on the other two options by how they chose one. This seems to be no longer the case. Our PEOUS is exhibit #1. But his fluidity is mirrored by many, many more. He has both the right and the left howling. They want consistency. Pragmatism is an option that is hard to find on your voting ballot.

I can sure feel this in the church when it comes to how individual Christians do church and practice their own brand of the spiritual life. This is the AGE OF REBUNDLING. Christians, Progressives, Leftists immediately start screaming. Everyone has their pure brand, and everyone else is simply a sell out. This is worth thinking about before we take the next steps in our culture/religious/political wars.

Here is Andrew Wilson’s post.

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