Republican student gets a liberal dose at Harvard

Here is an article out of the Boston Herald about what it is like to be a Republican student at Harvard.

College conservatives are finally figuring out a way to come out of their isolation and challenge the double think of the PC campus. Their primary instruments in their conservative tool set are courage and aggressive debate. What they have found is that they are not only taking on other collegians but also professors and administrations. The threatening atmosphere can be very dark and ominous.

Conservatism on campus is growing and the intellectual foundations of PC ideology are crumbling for it has no rational and defensible foundation. Psychological and physical intimidation become the retreat strategies of campus liberalism when confronted. Observe the nationwide campaign of Ben Shapiro to speak at campuses sponsored by the Young Americans for Freedom, not to mention the spectacle of Milo Yiannopoulos. But these are not the only ones.


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