Lessons From The Failing European Union

The European Union has been an experiment in the diminution of national self-interest. It is collapsing, as Italy, following Britain’s lead, is showing. Utopian dreams expressed in John Lennon’s “Imagine” has proven to be fools gold. Differences are good, and they matter.

Of course, Europe has been ground zero for nationalism gone wild, as seen by the WWI and WWII. The answer to that is not to erase boundaries and differences but to steward them for the common good. A chastened nationalism is the way forward for countries which seek to flourish.

At home, this is also true at the level of the individual states. Each state is a laboratory in which different solutions to economic, educational, health, etc., are tested. To seek to level out the states into one broad whole diminishes creativity and best practices. Among states there are winners and losers, and this necessary competition keeps alive the dream for a better tomorrow.

Federalizing state failures penalizes those states which demonstrate political virtue. States, such as CA, which is synonymous with reckless fiscal policy, should not be able to push their failures upon the national body politic. Let those states which do the best job of stewarding the resources of their citizens be left alone. Let those states which are profligate and shortsighted lose their citizens to those states which have learned the lessons of wise governance.

Keeping the Electoral College is essential to this process. Otherwise failed states and regions will simply vote the wealth of other states to themselves. 

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