Kickback Against Thoughtless Progressivism Has Begun In Earnest

I think the kickback against thoughtless progressivism has begun in earnest. True liberalism (as in liberty) of the 18th and 19th century variety is finding its sea legs again and those who have been intimidated by the shaming that the Left deals out in buckets are finding their voice. The DNA of the American experiment in democracy has been drowning in identity politics but it is emerging from the mud and slime of the culture wars. The universities, the press, and entertainment have gone virtually unchallenged in their scorn of working men and women. No more. Statism is being disrobed and seen for the Darth Vader it is. Religion is realizing that it is the last barrier standing against assaults on the dignity of people and must take its rightful place, even as mainline Protestant denominations crumble to dust in their capitulation to socialist dreams and sociology over theology. Some may call these movements populism, a word used by the Left to mean mob rule. In fact, Pew Guy and Street Guy have found that their intuitive moral sense makes sense and that governmental and administrative statist technocratic wonks and sociologists are not friends of liberty and equality.

We are to be reminded, as the Protestant Reformer Ulrich Zwingli put it, “Courage is the armor.” If courage goes, all goes. And it is courage in spades that is rising up from the carnage and simply says, “No more.”

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