Some Universities Cracking Down On Offensive Religious Decorations

From Campus Reform

With Christmas approaching, universities are cracking down on potentially offensive religious decorations, all but banning displays of the “Nativity Scene” and images of the “crucifixion.” At Missouri State University, for example, a list of “holiday decoration guidelines” warns that it would “generally be inappropriate” to display items such as “a cross,” “drawings of Jesus or Mohammed,” “the Nativity Scene,” and “the Bible or Koran” in common areas of the university. “Images that seem neutral to some may be experienced as religious by others with different traditions.”

Instead, Missouri State suggests displaying secular seasonal decorations, recommending non-descript “greenery” or simply some generic “winter scenes” (which could include images of “bells” or “flowers”). The document also clears wreaths, snowmen, and Santa Claus as acceptable decor for public spaces, and graciously acknowledges that “faculty and staff may place holiday material (secular or sacred) within their personal space and personal offices.”

Similarly, the College at Brockport, State University of New York encourages students and faculty members to select “culturally sensitive holiday decorations” that are “general and non-specific to any religion.”

Also, see Rod Dreher’s post, Safe Space For College Commies. Dreher writes,

The faculty senate of Samford University — not Reed, or Oberlin, or some other godless Yankee college, but a Baptist college in Alabama — is refusing to recognize a new chapter of Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) because language in its 1960s-era founding charter could be triggering to communists.

The rest of the post is worth the read. Colleges can be very strange places.

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