Castro’s Death Reveals That Marxist Utopianism Yet Lives In The West

Mark Tooley tweets “Century’s worst tyrants? Hitler-Stalin-Mao-Tojo-PolPot-Kims-Mengistu-Saddam-Amin-Ceausescu-Ho-Gaddafi-Castros-Duvaliers-Bokassa. Who else?” Have anyone else to add to this list?

Thankfully this list is not as long as it has been. But the love affair with Marxism on the university campus continues. It took the progressives quite a while to move away from Stalin, in spite of the mounting evidence of his atrocities which yielded over 20 million deaths, mostly by starvation. Communists Stalin and Mao had adopted as their method of national strength the culling of people from the cities, especially the intellectual elite, and forcing them into agricultural collectives where they would raise crops that could then ship overseas for cash to bring back into the country. The farmers were not allowed to eat the crops they raised and by eating deplete the amount that could be sold overseas. They starved to death, to be replaced by fresh reserves from the city. This how both Russia and China grew into world powers. In Russia, as mentioned, 20 million died, and in China the figure reached 60 million. And yet, even in spite of this, the respect for democracy and capitalism never grew in the university in the waning of Marxism.

While the noise for Marxism has died down, its utopianism by the hands of the state lives and breaths in university departments across America. Core to Marxism is its antipathy to religion, its sexual libertinism and its preference of the State over the family as the basic way to nurture the young.

The sexual libertinism mystifies most people who take a look at Marxism for the first time. How did that even become part of the mix? Marriage was considered by Marxism as bourgeois and its boundaries as bondage. The left eschewed the traditional morality of Christianity with its responsibilities and deferences. This has always been appealing to the youthful Left, just setting out from the confines of their homes and away at university. Marxism gave them a world and life view that justified their sexual passions.

Of course, the weakening of the family under Marxism has been a factor in weakening it as a political system. It broke the natural bonds of parent to child, of husband and of wife.

One of the things the West has brought to the table in world history is that moral code which emerges out of the Judaeo-Christian tradition. And in that moral code are contained some of the great principles upon which a flourishing society can be built: the free worship of the Deity and the unconstrained conscience which must obey; the absolute place of the family unit which is answerable to and responsible for itself free from State interference and accountability; the self-regulation of our sexual moral codes that will result in a healthy culture of mutual responsibility.

These are the very things up for grabs on university campuses. Have we learned nothing from the 1900s and the devastation worked on our globe by John Lennon’s “Imagine?” Man, how I hate that song.

Here is Peter Hitchen’s reflection on Castro.

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