Christie Blatchford, the Debate Opponent of Dr. Jordan Peterson, Has Her Own History of Bigotry

I hope you are following the latest journey of Dr. Jordan Peterson at the University of Toronto. He is making the case, at the risk of his tenured position and his license as a clinical psychologist, for freedom of speech on the university campus. Here is the debate he asked for at the UofT. It is well worth the watch. Not only does Dr. Peterson do a good job of outlining his concerns, the methods of his interlocutors are seen for what they are – not arguments but constant charges of hate and hurt feelings for which they are willing to expel him from the university and penalize him civilly and then, if he fails to pay the fine, go to jail for contempt of court.

It seems to be the case that the UofT has adopted the speech code of the Ontario Human Rights Commission, which will criminalize the act of not using a person’s preferred pronoun designation that reflects in their mind their sexual identity. Simple “he” and “she” will no longer do. Peterson’s additional concern is that this also instantiates a particular theory of gender identity that removes it from biology. Biology is irrelevant to sexuality.

One of the participants in the debate to refute Peterson and accuse him of criminal hatred is Christie Blatchford. As the article indicates, she has her own trail of discrimination and hate.

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