A Word to Fidel Castro

Another worldly dictator meets the God of justice. No propaganda, no liberal press, no foreign aid program, no military, no cultural fads, no socialistic and Marxist dreams will stand between Castro and the searing and all-knowing eyes of The Judge of the Whole Earth who is Righteous and the Sword of Truth.

He was given by the mercy of our Lord 90 years to consider his ways. Every day was an invitation to humble himself before the Jesus of the Sermon on the Mount. Instead he chose the State as his Deliverer and the worship of the State as his life’s work.

He chose a world of executions, death, enslavement of the human spirit and the destruction of families. He brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster and lived long enough to find all his human saviors had moved off the stage of history. Still he chose oppression over love, and when the results were in on his Marxist experiment on his island, he turned his head away from the truth.

Welcome to the judgment of history, Fidel Castro. Your soul yet lives in the beyond and now lives in the constant presence of truth. May you finally realize that mercy triumphs over judgment and give glory to God, whose power is love.

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