The Kind Of Church I Worship In

To my Christian friends on the South Shore of Boston – Our area is one of the most racially homogeneous areas imaginable. For those who fit that profile, things can be easy. We are spared the complexities of America. Yet this has some serious downsides for understanding the nature of the Gospel and its power to reconcile and create Christ’s “one new man,” where there is neither Jew nor Gentile, free nor slave, male nor female.

This is one of the reasons Sharon and I have chosen to attend a diverse congregation, Grace Church, in Stoughton. In a church of about 1,500 about one third are black, along with many from the immigrant community. These are brothers and sisters in Christ. In such a situation there can be no cheap shots from the pulpit nor from the congregation.

Whatever I believe politically, socially, culturally has to go through the sieve of fellowship that I have with the person sitting next to me in worship. Whatever values I hold have to match our mutual rootedness in the Bible and in its Gospel. This is a spiritual discipline that I need. I commend it to you.

And I would encourage you to visit Grace. It is an Evangelical church. May not be your cup of tea, but I let some things go for the greater benefit of experiencing the diversity of the Body of Christ. Services are Saturday 5, Sunday 9:30 and 11. Sharon and I go to the Saturday service where we are greeters. Take a look @

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